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Having the right curriculum for your music lesson is important. Properly learning the fundamentals of your instrument will assist you on your musical journey. Here I have compiled a list of my favorite books for piano, guitar and ukulele. I grew up learning from Alfred's music books and have found this brand to be the easiest curriculum to follow. These books are suggestions, and I am happy to use any books you have. Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions!

Curriculum : Text
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Alfred's Basic Piano Library

This piano series is perfect for piano students aged 5-12.

Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course

This piano series is best suited for those aged 12 and up.

alfreds guitar kids.jpg

Alfred's Kid's Guitar Course

This guitar series is suited for guitar students aged 5 through 12.

Alfred's Basic Guitar Method

This guitar series is great for guitar students aged 12 and up.

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alfreds ukulele kids.jpg

Alfre'd Kid's Ukulele Course

The perfect ukulele series for students aged 5 through 12.

Alfred's Basic Ukulele Method

This ukulele series is great for students aged 12 and up.

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