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Music Lessons

Personalized Music Instruction

 Unlock Your Musical Potential!

Dive into the world of music with us! Our school welcomes students of all ages and abilities, offering musical subjects including:

🎵 Piano 🎵 Guitar 🎵 Ukulele 🎵 Voice 🎵 Music Theory 🎵 Composition 🎵 Violin (beginners 10 and up)

 Our Mission: Ignite a Lifelong Love for Music

We're not just about teaching notes and chords. We're here to foster a lifelong appreciation of music in every student. Our commitment to quality, personalized, and interactive lessons ensures that you have a harmonious musical journey!

We're now offering FREE 15-minute introductory lessons. Contact us today to embark on your musical adventure!

Image by Patrick Tomasso
Sheet music on music stand
Playing Guitar

30 Minute Music Lessons

Weekly 30 minute music lessons.

4 lessons for $120

45 Minute Music Lessons

Weekly 45 minute music lessons.

4 lessons for $180

60 Minute Music Lessons

Weekly 60 minute music lessons.

4 lessons for $240

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